What is Cracker dust? And How much it Cost In Perth & Uses.

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What is Cracker dust? And what is its used for in Perth.

Cracker dust Perth Eco Landscape soil Supply Perth wa
Cracker dust Perth Eco Landscape & soil Supply Perth wa

Cracker dust is a decomposed gravel also known as decomposed crusher dust & Blue metal Dust. The usual size is 2mm to 3mm. it is a local quarry product around Perth hills North and southern region. been a natural product it has lots of qualities thus it has been used in landscaping & Commercial Building industry. 

When used around landscaping, Cracker dust is beneficial for landscaping because it contains Blue mettle that is not water-soluble.

Cost of cracker dust

The cost of Cracker dust also called crusher dust or blue metal dust is around 60 to 63 $ Per M3 plus Delivery Around Perth CBD Area.

Cracker dust also called as crusher dust or blue metal dust Perth

Uses of Cracker dust 

Artificial Grass installation Perth

Cracker dust is used in artificial grass installation around Perth WA. There are a few good reasons for it.

  • 1, it has a high drainage ratio compared to the other products 
  • 2, it has a good compaction rate once compacted.
  • 3, it has no color bleeding effect been a natural stone.
  • 4, it is easy to screed once it compacter ant-like blue mettle road base it is easily workable.
  • 5, it is very cost-effective as compared to the other landscape materials,
  • 6, It is a natural product it does not harm native plants.
Cracker dust For artificial grass installation Perth Eco Landscape soil Supply Perth wa
Cracker Dust For artificial grass installation Perth| Eco Landscape & Soil Supply Perth WA 6000

Paving installation 

Cracker dust is also being used in the installation of paving in Perth region .you will find commonly paving sand has been used in the past which blends of white sand and yellow sand so it can be compacted well and still easy screeding to find good levels. 

We are also experiencing more and more companies using cracker dust for heavy vehicle traffic use such as driveways.

It provides a good compaction rate for heavy traffic use

2, Water drains well.

3, Cost-effective 

4, long-lasting strength

5, No side effects on native plants and the environment. 

Used In Drainage

Cracker dust is also used in Edgy Pipe Drainage systems it prevents dirt from going into edge pipes blocking the Drainage wholes.  

Blue metal for drainage Perth WA

Used in Concrete mix

Cracker dust also can also be used as a concrete aggregate used to create distinctive textures and as a substitute for concrete when creating pathways and driveways.

Cracker dust Costs Less 

Producing Cracker dust is more affordable than other materials which means it doesn’t cost as much for you to purchase. It’s a cost-effective material for filling and packing in different parts of your Landscaping and building project Around Perth WA.

Blue mettle dust also costs less to the environment since it’s being recycled instead of landfilled. Essentially, Cracker dust is a Great Natural Product for customers and the environment.

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