Brickies Sand Perth {Full Resource Guide} How Many different Type And Where To Use It.


Brickies Sand {Full Resource Guide} How Many different Type And Where To Use It.

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Year’s of our experience in civil, landscape, commercial construction In Western Australia we have been asked these questions time after time again like what is brickies sand, what is brickies sand is used for, Brickies sand prices in Perth, Cost of Brickies sand per cubic meter. How many types of brickie sand there are? 

So I thought I will address this question in full this article, we will explain all the key point what you need to know about brickies sand in Perth Western Australia.

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 What is Brickies sand 

Brickies Sand Also known as (Bricklaying Sand) is a mixture of sand and High content of clay Also known as fatty sand. This is commonly used in a mortar to lay the bricks. When mixed with cement it becomes more workable and retains a high amount of water content.

Lime is also added to improve workability. Lime makes mortar more plastic, enabling it to be more workable. Increasing the lime content in mortar makes it easier to lay low suction bricks.

Mortar primarily exists to give the wall flexibility so, in the event of movement, the waII maintains integrityUnder extreme movement such as earthquakes, the mortar will crack, thereby releasing the pressure on the wall. This is an example of the mortar doing its job. Repairing the crack rarely requires the wall to be taken down and rebuilt. The use of lime in the mortar mix not only makes the mortar more workable, it can allow small cracks to self-heal.

There is 3 different type of mortar mix generally has been used according to Australian standards.

Please note this is a rough guide only please refer to you local building code as your local counsel.

Brickies Sand Supplies Perth wa

Now we have a better understanding of why Brickies sand is so versatile in a different type of construction’s projects around Western Australia like 

Brick wall construction 

Lime stone retaining wall construction

Bonding ceramic roof tiles 

Landscape projects

Paving installation 

Hard stands 

Different type of brickies sand 

There is a few different types of brickies sand used nowadays such as yellow, white sand, red sand. As we all know construction technology is getting advance and smarter by the day. it’s not uncommon to see different colour mortar has been used to achieve a modern contemporary look in modern home designs around Australia.

Yellow Brickies sand

First of all, we will talk about yellow sand. Yellow sand is the most common sand is used in the construction industry by far. It contained “fatty clay content” as we explain earlier it has perfect characteristics to lay bricks.

injunction with lime it becomes most versatile for mortar mix. I guess it is not a new technology it has been used in ancient history for 2000 years and stood the test of time. Today is no acceptation.

Modren contemperary Home perth wa

The popularity of yellow sand makes it a very important component in the landscape supply yard. As a Sand Suppliers in Perth, We source high-Quality Brickies sand which meets the western Australian building code standards.

White brickies sand

White brickies sand is also in popular demand as it can be mixed with a different type of oxides to achieve different colours of mortar mix. Most commonly white sand is used in feature finish brickwork. Colour also can be modified using a different type of oxides as shown in the picture.

Brickies sand supply Perth wa

Red sand 

As the name Suggest Red sand is rich in colour. red sand also has a high content of clay as compare to Yellow Brickies Sand. It is mainly found in the Spearwood Western Australia. being clay-rich sand it is easy to work when laying bricks in some cases.

Primarely it has been used in top dress and soil preparation of the lawn because we have sand-rich soil in Perth WA. Sparwood read sand will help retain the moisture for a Long Period of time. It helps the lawn to thrives in sandy conditions.

How much brickies sand cost?

Brickies sand is Radley available in Perth. But it is hard to work out which is best and meet the Australian building standers. Brickies sand cost between 55$ to 65$ + GST Plus Delivery. At eco landscape supply we source the best Quality Brickies Sand for our customer. So You can rest assure that you have the best Quality Sand for your projects.

Last do some sums

Brickies sand cost= 63$ per m3 if you pick up around Perth

Final cost = 63$ inc GST Also 60$ delivery. 

Brickies Sand bulk delivered in Perth

At eco landscape supply We do bulk delivery direct to you job site 583$ for 10 M3 to Perth metro area.

How brick sand is source and blended

Brickies sand can be sourced from river sand that’s been dredged, but it generally comes from two main sources: dune sand and depositional sand.

Dune sand comes from Cost line areas manly. It is partially angular sized which is also known as sharp sand. Dunes are pore washed sand that has no clay content at all, however, comes from inland sources. 

It washes downhill into mountain foothills, mixing with clay on its way down. Its particle size tends to be more oval than angular. 

Both of those types of sands can be used to create brickies sand. Often, Sand suppliers will mix sands to create a 1:1 Ratio mix, and then pass them through the AS1141.1 sieve test, which shows the weight of the sand. This is because, as outlined in Australian bricklaying standards, “bricklaying sand must not have more than 9% of the weight of the sand passing through a 75um sieve.”

By now you have a fair idea about the brickies sand if you like to order some or check out our full range of Sand, Soil, Mulch, products, 

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