Secret to turn sand into soil Perth WA {Full resource guide}

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Secret to turn sand into soil Pert WA {Full resource guide}

Turn sand into Soil Perth wa Eco landscape supply

This is the most asked question we get all the time from our customers so I thought I will address this question in full detail.

We live on one of the dry continents on this planet. Having a thriving abundant garden does not happen by chance. perhaps creating the most important step in the thriving garden is soil. In most cases in Perth Western Australia, we are living on cost line and chances are you are dealing with sandy soil. In saying that sand has some great properties .it has good drainage but it does not hold nutrients also dry out quickly. It also becomes water repellent very easy. this is a major problem in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Use a Wetting agent to treat the sandy soil

It is not all bad news. Sand can easily turn into good thriving soil. first thing first sand has this big problem call hydrophobia. what I mean by that water Beat on the surface and run of rater then soaking through it is water repellent in most cases.

Hydro phobia Of sandy soil Perth.And howw to fix it Eco landscape supply Perth

Hydrophobia is caused by organic meter breaking down and coating the sand grains with waxy sustenance it is problematic then sandy soil because the grain of sand is large with a small surface area compare to Silt or clay the particle are easily coated.

The first thing first, to fix hydrophobia is to apply a soil wetting agent which helps breakdown the waxy coating around the sand grain helping water Penetrate evenly .doing this before when you are prepared for planting for the season ensures uniform wettability with good root establishment.

Paaling wetting agent to turn sand in to soil

It is best to use an organic humic acid-base not use a detergent-like product it can do more harm to microbial life in soil including aquatic life including frogs and other living organisms.

Add clay to sandy soil

The second step to treat hydro Phobic soil to add clay-like kaolin Clay or bentonite clay. clay adds finer particle to the mix .great added bonus is to holds on to moisture and nutrients which is perfect for sandy soil.

Appling Clay to sandy soil perth eco landscape supply

You can apply 2ks per m2 of clay. It needs to be thoroughly mixed through so it does not seal the top of your soil it is easier to apply a small amount each time When prepare for planting for the season. Work in lightly and build the soil over time.

Add compost into the mix

Compost Compost Compost this stuff is the secret to turning sand into the soil. It also helps the soil to hold on to moisture and nutrients importantly it also food for the microbes. Microbes are the main source of soil fertility and for the plants.

Apply compost 30 mm over the soil and mix it thoroughly. Caution hear DO NOT OVERDO IT OR YOU SOIL WILL BECOME ANROBICK AND GLUGGY SPECIALLY IN WINTER. you can make compost from home or you can order online.

Mixing compost into top soil to make sand into fertile soil

You can repeat this process every time for new planting of flowers and veggies. Over time your garden will thrive and abandon of plants Growth. that’s is all well and good for veggie patch and garden beds but there are other parts of the garden need a different approach.

Mixing Compost into garden bed soil Eco landscape supply Perth

Fruit trees And ornamental trees

Fruit trees needs good soil to thrive and produce good fruit. Digging around the roots can do more harm than good so in this case, it is a great idea to top dress with organic matter.

Apply 20 to 30 mm cow manure lt will gradually work is way into the top of the soil profile and building it up over time. If you do this for couple a year. Any mild manure will do the trick including sheep or horse manure.

Mulch Mulch Mulch

I can’t stress this enough but for good reason. Mulch helps regulate soil temperature, depresses weeds, keeps moisture in the soil, and also protect soil from hard UV.esentely all the hard work you have been putting into that soil.

top dress with cow menuer eco landscape supply

Mulches like Straw, pea straw, lucerne and lupin mulches are four popular types of straw-based mulches, jungle mulch used by Perth Landscapers. This kind of mulches will brack down quickly and feed the soil.

Lets put the things into perspective Anything is possible like gardening on sandy soil. if you think about it why make life hard for yourself think about the plant that are well suited to grow on the sand like local natives and focus on soil building affords where it counts.

Let’s talk about the potting mix

Once again Water repellent soil or hydrophobia is very comen in pots plants especially when it is sandy base soil. In most cases when you have plants kept indoors for a long period of time. What happens in most cases root ball is moist inside but the outside part stay dry when you water it water skims the downside of the pot and the pot and plant will dry over time.

So lets fix this problem


Good old fashion dunking, fill the bucket with water just about the hight of the pot offcourse buket has to be bigger then opot . For the second part liquid wetting agent as per manufacturers specification make sure to use an organic wetting agent.

Step 2

is added liquid kelp which is good for the health well being of the plant and a cap full of fish emulsion as a good fertiliser gives it a good stir now the brew is rady.Gently place the pot inside the bucket and give it gentle wiggle around for 20 or 30 seconds and up and down this make shore liquid will get around in every spot in the pot. And take it out and let it drain out.

As you can see what we have done we have treated a plant with a good wetting agent. in this brew we also given it fertilise with fish emulsion both of those have organic fines in it also help rehabilitate the potting mix that way you will get another year out of your pots without changing the potting mix.

Do the same to all the pot plants at the end if you have leftover bru put it in a watering can and apply it to non-wetting parts of your garden.

Soil testing

After a few doses at this process it is good idea to test your soil You can easily do this by watching the video below

Soil Texture Test

sticking to this soil building affords you will enjoy organic Produce for years to come. if you need more help with anything related to landscape supplies in Perth we are hear to help. Check out our online shop.

As always Gary sining out ! Stay awesome Australia!!

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