How much Expose Aggregate Cost Perth Western Australia?


How much Expose Aggregate Cost Perth Western Australia?

Exposed Aggregate Perth Wa

One of the most frequently asked questions when considering Exposed aggregate for your home is, “How much does Exposed aggregate cost to install?” Knowing the answer to this will allow you to have a better understanding of your cost savings and return on investment.

To give you a better an idea of what kind of costs go into the pricing of an Exposed aggregate installation, we have put together this guide. We cover the different materials, fees, labour, and company costs that will go into the pricing of your Exposed aggregate project.

For the guide below, the numbers will reflect a yard that has an area of 80 square Meters to be replaced with Expose aggregate.

(Please Note: All figures discussed in this example are based on Perth western Australia Pricing and will need to be adjusted based on your geographical location.)

Expose Aggregate Installation Costs depends on a few factors

1, Site work (Earthworks)
2, Type of exposing aggregate has been used
3, How much framing or formwork needed
4, Colour
5, Site Access to the job site
6, Foot Steps
7, Sealing or Honing (Smooth surface)

Let’s Begin

Site Work (Earthwork)

Eco landscape supply Site work for exposed Aggregate Perth wa

After installing hundreds of projects in Perth 96% of a job going to require some sort of earthwork we will explain why! To achieve 100 mm of rebate all around where the concrete need to finish to retain the right level so it matches the rest of the floors in the house. In most cases, builder never do Any extra work if they don’t have to

Building a new house

It is very rear that builder to do any site work outside there guideline in-facts all other trades will leave there access sand behind

Pro tip always make sure builders do not leave access sand behind ultimately you have to pay to get it removed

Renovation the old driveway

Eco landscape supply Exposed Aggerigate Cost Perth

In this case, you will be removing old concrete of paved driveway of Grassed area this is also classified as sight work or earthworks this exercise will be a bit more expensive as appose to just remove Just sand.

What Type of exposed aggregate has been used

The second factor what company supplying the aggregate there are a few company’s are offering these services around Perth some of them called, Holcim, Borrel, BGC, Henson, We have personally used Holcim and Borall.

Now let’s speak about what is exposed aggregate. This is a mixture of cement, sand, Quartz stones, chemicals, water. The mixture is ready to mix and Dispatch according to your choice.

Once laid and finish concreter will Apply (retarder) Glorify the name of “sugar liquid” on top so it can be easily washed off the next day to expose the Quartz or so call stone enough of this let’s move on!

Washing for Exposed Aggregate Perth Wa

Pro tip Smaller the stones better finish you will get. I don’t know why. but every time we use small stone job looked million dollars,
Oh nearly forgot this one (concrete crew will less likely to make mistake as we all know expose aggregate is a highly skilled job Its all about timing on this one.

How much framing or formwork needed

Prep for Exposed Aggregate Perth Wa

In most cases, it will not affect the cost but in some cases when you feel like being artistic and adding curves, steppers, etc. this is simple self-explanatory more product and labour involved in this expect to pay a little extra. Also, another reason company are not able to re-use the cut to suit material.


Colour is also one factor that can determine the cost as you already have colour in mind this will help you to choose one.
Expose aggregate colours are made of oxides usually Darker the colour more oxide need to use also costly that is.

Site Access to the job site

This is one of the main factors let me explain. Mostly when the poring spot is too far away to push the wheelbarrow. Or tight access it is viable to chose to pore concrete with a concrete pump. This pump comes in a few different types most common one to used called squeeze pump There are few advantages to use this kind of equipment

Pouring for Exposed Aggregate Perth Wa

1, a Larger area will be covered on the same day
2, less Fatigue on concrete workers
3, no cold joints in concrete
4, more crew will be finishing the surface instead of pushing the wheelbarrow.

We have use pump 60% on our jobs

Foot Steps

Footsteps are also a skilled job as we explain earlier under the framework ,same sort of principle applies hear.

Sealing And Honing (Smooth surface)

Last but not least this is a little different then expose an Aggerigate as we explain early it is a different process as appose to expose aggerigate.

Honing is the glorified name of the word “grinding” yes in this case we are using a special grinding machine. These machines will take off 5 to 7 mill as per requirement and giving a smooth surface. This is mostly used for indoor floors. It can also be used Around outdoor areas like pool and alfresco etc.

Honed concrete is roughly cost around 50$ to70$ per meter Square depending on the job.

Time to crunch Some numbers

In this case, lets say we are building typical driveway around 80 m2 in Perth Suburbs

1, Site work removing sand = 1442 $

2, Typical starting price expose aggregate pm2 = 7623$

Total $9066.10 inc GST

By now you should have a fair idea of how much it would cost to install exposed aggregate and make a fair decision.

The question you may ask how can we help you well we use to do lots of these projects now we have change our businesses to earthwork.

We are fully equipped with all the machine and trucks. We can provide you with a Quote for site work.

Happy diliviring Landscape supply Perth

Give us a call on 0426046485 we here to help

Thanks for your time Gary Singh is out!

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