How to Prepare Soil for new turf installation Perth?


How to Prepare Soil for new turf installation?

Get your lawn right the first time by prep your soil right

Time after time we get this Question a lot like how to prepare a new lawn installation, how to prepare the soil for turf installation, what type of soil toy can use to lay turf, so thought I will address this question in detail.

Having a nice lawn is priceless but archiving this easier said than done you need to prep the soil the right way in order to have the perfect lawn.


At eco landscape supply we can supply you soil need as well as share advise on you soil environment.


Eco landscape supply turf installation perth

1, Prepare the area for the lawn

preparation preparation preparation can not stress this what I mean by that. Yare of landscaping experience time after time we have seen lawn never done well because of lack of soil most cases, land developers lay lawn straight on sand which is perfect recipe for disaster. ok enough of this ramble.

First thing first you need to remove 100 to 150 mm soil from the to including old lawn weed dribs from building material etc. especially from new home landscape installation. you might have to order the bin in this case. Depend on the area order the bin accordingly using a simple formula (Length X Width X .1 for 100 mm or .15 for 150 mm)

2, Testing the soil

eco landscape supply testin the soil ph level

You need to make sure your soil will give your new turf everything it needs to thrive. Test the soil using a pH test kit which will tell you if your soil is too acidic or too alkaline. A pH reading of 7 means your soil is neutral, and the ideal pH range for most types of turf is 5.5 to 7.

if your soil is outside the ideal range, you can use sulphur to lower the pH level, and lime to raise the pH level or you can strip back the soil and replace it.

3, now it time to add in high-quality topsoil

it is very important to use the best topsoil, remember do it once do it well. This will inshore you will have great soil over the years to come and give your turf to thrive better in Perth hash wether conditions.

4, level the soil to the desired level

Levling the topsoil for installation of turf australia

level the soil as desire level with a garden rake. Always a good idea to stand back and look at the levels remove any lumps bumps  

  If you are thinking of laying turf with decorative edging, keep your soil about 30-40mm below the height of the edging to allow for the thickness of the turf.

This is also the best time to sprinkle the area with turf fertiliser, so your new lawn has all the food it needs to get established.

5, start laying you turf

  • Lay your turf in a brick Paving pattern to avoid obvious joins.
  • Make sure all the edges of each piece of turf are butting up against each other, but not overlapping.
  • Try to lay your turf as quickly as possible so it doesn’t dry out. If it’s a hot day, you can water sections of turf as you lay them.
  • Start laying your turf at the furthest place from your access point so you can avoid walking on it.
  • Before laying the turf, water the topsoil thoroughly and allow some time to drain. This will give you a good idea if there are spots that need better drainage.
  • Once installed, roll or compact the entire turfed area, this will improve the turf/soil contact and remove any unwanted air pockets. Hiring a water roller or brick paving compactor is highly recommended. When you’re finished, keep it well watered for a few days too.

Big tip Don’t forget to ring your local council and let them know for new turf installation as you need to apply for regular watering for a week avoid coping fines 

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