How Much Paving Cost Per Square Meter Perth WA

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This is  the most frequently asked questions is “How Much Does Paving cost,  Cost to Install in Perth?”OR what is Pavers and installation cost Cost, Perth Paving  Installation Cost & Prices? Paving cost per square metre installed  These are probably the most popular questions we get asked every day today.

Due to popular demand, we thought it would be a good idea to address this question here in full detail:

Eco Landscape supply Paving installation Cost
Paving installation Cost Perth WA

Over the time the Paving industry grown very rapidly. There is a great number of companies are offering same services makes its hard to choose the right one for your needs. So there is few factors need to be considered when to buy paving we will explain. off course, these factor effect the Paving prices Perth.

For this exercise, let’s assume we are working with a tired patio that is looking to be replaced with beautiful New Pavers. 

(Please Note: All figures discussed in this example are based on Perth Western Australia)

Here we go……….

Eco landscape supply Perth Wa Paving installation
Paving installation And preparation Perth Wa

There are 3  main costs that effect pricing

 1, Pavers quality, Materials ( Road Base, blue metal dust,Yallow sand Infill, garden edging, etc.)

 2, Installation services

 4, overhead cost running cost 

Paving product pricing Depending on few factors

Pavers type

There are many different styles of Pavers to choose….from concrete, brick, clay, terracotta and natural stone, granite limestone you name it, there is a perfect selection with your name on it.

Generally, you will find there is main type of paving used for different purpose Of course, the price also depends on the country of origin.

Driveway: In general speaking 50mm Concrete paving is mostly used in Perth area for driveways

Patios  Usually 35 to 40 mm paving can be used in this area because of low traffic area

Around The pool : Natural stone or limestone Paver can be used in this area or budget Concrete pavers can be used Also

For the sake of this exercise, let’s assume we are talking about medium to the high-gradePaving 50 mm, which is by far the most popular selection when presented with all your options.

Paving installation prices In Perth

Paver installation in Perth is typical start from 45 $ to 110$ in the year 2020 supply and install pm2

Paving installation Cost Perth WA
Paving Sand Supply Be eco landscaping supply

well, the average price of installed Pavers $25 per square metre but the price does depend greatly on the variety of Paving you choose and the area’s preparation needs. Overall, most Paving projects will Cost you around $20 to 34$  per square metre.

1, Preparation cost

Depending on the lawn area given area of 60 m2 Is around $820removing 120mm sand or soil this also include dump fees.

2, Paving sand

Typically considering Perth WA has a Sand base soil. wich has to build up with 100 mm road-base and 40 mm Paving sand cost 

Let’s do some sums

Materials should be used according to Perth western Australian standards

  • 1, 100 mm Rode base Or limestone
  • 2, 40mm of paving Sand top of the compacted road base for screeding
  • 3, Paver of your choice
  • 4, Whitewash sand to fill in for lock Pavers in .you can also use Pavelock it will prevent weeds growing in future.

How to measure the area

Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

If the ground orientation is not square or rectangular, try this computation:

1st section: Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

2nd section: Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

3rd section: Length (m) x Width (m) = Area (m2)

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