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How much crake dust, Blue mettle dust, crusher dust do in need for artificial grass installation? We get this question a lot so we thought let’s address this question in the full extensive guide.

Little about the cracker dust

Cracker dust is a by product of blue metal stone. in process of crushing lager stone in smaller size. These stone used in various different product such as concrete mix, road base material, Drainage materials etc.

 Since artificial grass is become popular choice among home owners it has grown a demand in creeker dust uses. When its come to artificial grass installation there is few steps to follow one of them is ordering exact amount of cracker dust to order to complete the job their is easy way to work out how much cracker dust do you need using a simple formula.

Artificial grass installation for light use of foot traffic only 

100 mm cracker dust is required in order to install artificial grass in moderate foot traffic area.

Using a simple formula 


 Length X Width X Depth (Put in Thickness .1 in calculator for 100 mm) Please Find calculator in side bar to right column.

So for instance      Length  10 meters X  Width  5 meters X  Thickness .1  for 100 mm  = Amount need to order is  5 m3 crake dust need to order 

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Synthetic grass installation for vehicle parking use

When its come to vehicle parking on artificial grass you are going to need a high strength base  

In this case you are going t need 80 mm of road base and 20 mm of cracker dust, 

 So for instance   Length  10 meters X  Width  5 meters X  Thickness 5 

m3 total material 

Cracker dust = 1 m3 

Road base   = 4 m3

Simple quick way to explain 

fist compact sand or dirt before laying any material. 

Once compacted apply the 80 mm road base and level it and spray lightly with water and compact again

Apply 20 mm of cracker dust on top for smooth finish this is final step before lay synthetic lawn to achieve final finish.

if you are un shore of amounts of crake dust you need please call us we can help you with working out amount you need we also deliver to you door at eco landscape supply.

If you are looking for cracker dust supply we deliver to north and south of Perth tell us your requirement we will take care of the rest.

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