A Complete {Resource Guide} on Applying Pea Gravel in Perth, Australia

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Pea Grevel supply perth wa Eco landscape supply
Pea Grevel supply perth wa Eco landscape supply

Due to major redevelopment projects, including the development of playgrounds, driveways, extensive landscaping, paving and more in Perth, the demand for pea gravel is increasing day by day. If you are new to this industry, then you must be wondering that what is pea gravel? Or what are their uses and how much does it cost? Keep reading to this complete guide on pea gravel in Perth and get answers to all your questions. 

What Does Pea Gravel Mean?

Pea gravel has become very famous over the times as it is very soft and small rounded stones. These stones are typically 1/8 to 3/8 inch in size and are available in a variety of soft colours like white, buff, grey, brown, and translucent. 

Additionally, it is the highly durable material no matter what size you choose. However, it is also the fact that using smaller types of gravel in higher traffic areas demands higher maintenance. That’s because moving vehicles can dislodge the pea gravel easily. 

But if you want something as sub-base for trafficable areas such as footpaths, then, in that case, you can consider using crushed limestone. It is a natural product and can be used in many construction projects. However, the crushed limestone cost ranges from $160 m3 to $170m3. 

Pea Gravel eco landscape and soil supply perth
Pea grevel Supply Perth Wa

What are the Different Uses of Pea Gravel?

When you want to increase the curb appeal of your surroundings at a low cost, then pea gravel can be the best option. You can use it as a landscaping element or filler material in between stepping stones on a walkway. 

Considering these types of smaller gravel in the driveway and as a drainage element for flower beds is also the budget-friendly choice. However, you can choose cracked pea gravel in Perth when you want a natural yet warm feel to your foot. 

Apart from all of these uses of pea gravel, there are much more. Let us understand each one by one. 

·       Pea Gravel for Playgrounds

As pea gravel doesn’t have sharp or jagged edges, they are very safe to use in playgrounds. Your children can play or walk across without any risk. These playgrounds having pea gravel surfaces are also very easy to maintain as you can easily remove them from the place. 

Pea gravel perth wa

·       Pea Gravel for Driveway

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to concrete or asphalt driveways, then pea gravel in Australia is your definite choice. It is an excellent choice for driveways as these stones have an attractive appearance and are weather-resistant. Pea gravel also comes in an array of colours. 

·       Pea Gravel for Landscaping

You can consider pea gravel for landscaping purpose to dress up your property in the best way. Whether it is a school or any building facility, pea gravel is the first choice for many contractors. To get the smooth and rich textured small rounded stones, you need to contact the best pea gravel suppliers in Perth, Australia. 

Dos and Don’ts on Installing Pea Gravel in Perth, Australia

  • Do mix the pea gravel with larger stone: Up till now, you know about the availability of neutral colours in pea gravel. Thus, because of its versatility, it becomes possible for you to combine these smaller stones with complementary larger stones. Here if you want to achieve a dramatic effect, then fill a walkway with large pavers and fill gaps with pea gravel. 
  • Don’t ignore depth guidelines: You must know how much pea gravel you should use for a specific project. For this, there are some rules of thump which ensures safety and functionality.For example, make sure to have a depth of two inches or more to cover the desired area while avoiding gaps. It will help you secure the material in place. 

How Much Does Pea Gravel Cost?

For your small residential project that requires pea gravel for about 20 square meters, then the approximate pea gravel price is in between $300 to $400. However, the average cost is about $350. But if you need larger quantities of pea gravel for landscaping projects, then this cost might drop. 

However, the standard pea gravel cost for a meter 3 of the plain area is $101. And the ton quantity will cost about $87. Also, if you want a coloured variety, then it might cost you an extra $20 to $50 on the mentioned prices. 


Up till now, you might get all your answers about pea gravel applications and its cost. From walkways, driveways, playgrounds to landscaping, for all of these elements, pea gravel is the best choice. When you are in search of pea gravel in Perth, Australia, for your small home project, you need to do thorough research to get the high-quality smaller yet decorative stones. However, you can also get a wide variety of pea gravel from bunnings warehouse in small bags. The choice is yours whether you want to hire buy Bulk in wholesale Supply from us and install it yourself and save dollars.

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