8 Ways to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden Perth WA


8 Ways to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden Perth WA

Dog friendly Garden Perth

Create A Shady Shelter

You may well be thinking about pet-friendly garden Landscape material if you have a beloved dog, so your pet can enjoy being out in the yard and garden As well.

First, don’t forget creature comforts. Like you, your dog will appreciate shade and a place to get a drink on a warm day. My dog, Rockey, loves his outdoor water bowl, which I keep close to an outdoor patio, so I can provide fresh water every day.

Modern fencing for pets Perth 1

Secure fencing

It is always a good idea to put up a fence. (1.2 metres) is high enough, but for some athletic dogs, fences will need to be five or six feet (1.5-1.8 metres) high.


Use an organic mulch such as potato stones or pea gravel where appropriate. If you’re trying to get a new area of lawn to grow, Grass is quicker to establish than seed, especially with pets using the yard. Artificial grass Also is a great alternative these days

Pet friendly Garden Perth

Vegetable gardens: 

If you’ve planted vegetable seeds into the ground, keep the seed bed moist, as Dogs prefer to dig in dry, loose soil. Use Heavy mulch to cover the soil in between rows of vegetables or individual plants such as tomatoes. A permanent enclosure, such as an attractive picket fence is good idea for a herb or vegetable garden where you don’t want any dog or toilet activities to occur. 

Dogs like to dig in gardens

Digging problems: 

The most pet-friendly garden solution here is to consider giving an unrepentant canine digger a fenced digging pit.

Safe Gardens

Keep gardening tools and materials out of reach of your dog when not being used. When using these as well as sharp tools and spades, always keep an eye on where your dog is. Even when using organic or natural nutrients and fertilizers for your plants (and you should, for your dog’s safety), keep them away from dogs. Research or consult your landscape supply store to make sure that all the plants in your garden are safe for your dog. 

A Place To Go When Nature Calls

There is always a good idea to separate a toilet area for dogs. Dog pee can be a problem as urine small make the area very up a pleasant place to hang out. there are few things you can do to prevent this problem.

  • Train your dog to use the same area, Reword them to use the same area for the toilet by favourite snack
  • this will be easy to manage to treat a small area then a large area.
  • use natural products like chlorine and bicarb, soda to neutralise the small.
  • plants and garden will grow much better as less uric acid is introduced to them.

Secure your compost bin

Dog-friendly garden - secure your compost bin

Compost bin containing food scraps can potentially be attractive to dogs, and may contain contents that can harm them. Some foods, such as avocados, grapes, raisins and onions can be harmful, so make sure that they can’t get into your bin.

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